Video: will this video about Bill’s rape accusations CRUSH Hillary’s chances?

Video: will this video about Bill’s rape accusations CRUSH Hillary’s chances?

This has to be the most embarrassing election that America has been through. A media hounding, foul mouthed business fella with bad hair vs. a power hungry, email shredding, Benghazi filled, possible rape hider.

There wasn’t two better people in this country to vote for?

After Donald Trump’s video from 2005 where he talked about grabbing women by the kitty, the following video was released about Hillary Clinton.


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It’s a powerful viral video that dives into the black hole surrounding rape allegations and Bill Clinton. At the center of the black hole is Hillary Clinton and the answers we’re searching for.

Did Hillary Clinton lie and try to protect Bill Clinton from rape charges? Does she care about the rape victims? Is Hillary Clinton so motivated only by attaining the biggest seat in the White House, that she cares nothing for what goes on around her, even if her own husband is allegedly up to his withering neck in rape allegations?

Is Bill Clinton really a rapist, or is this a plot to demoralize Hillary to lure voters away from her? If Benghazi wasn’t enough, then tack on a few instances of the email scandal and top it off with a side serving of Bill Clinton’s rape accusations and you have a disastrous cocktail of drama fit for a Lifetime movie series.

Donald Trump talks like a truck driver who’s a sailor on the weekends – typical/stereotypical guy. Hillary is known for saying one thing, doing another – typical/stereotypical politician.

Tim Kaine looks like a washed up drunkard who plays the dentist in bad commercials.

How did politics ever get THIS BAD?

What happened to America? I thought voting was something that adults did to be responsible, but now it’s just to avoid the inevitable and apparently vote for the lesser evil. I’d rather vote for the greater good than the lesser evil.

Best case scenario for this November’s election – vote Trump, hope he quits, Mike Pence takes over.

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