Colorado Springs Woman Survives a Home Invasion Thanks to Her Gun

Colorado Springs Woman Survives a Home Invasion Thanks to Her Gun

Liberals like to talk about a war on women, but it’s really being waged by anti-gun morons who want to rob women of the best weapon they could use to protect themselves. If one Colorado Springs woman didn’t have a gun, for example, she very well might have ended up dead in a home invasion — but thankfully, she did have a gun.

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“She said she just heard some crashing, and got up and saw that this guy was climbing through her window,” said homeowner Linda Orist of her tenant.

Orist said her tenant was upset and shaken up but was relived she was OK.

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“She was upset that she had to kill someone to protect herself,” said Orist.

Orist said the man initially tried to get in through the back door. When he was unsuccessful, Orist said he broke a window with a brick and tried to climb in.

“She warned him that she had a gun and to go away but he, I don’t know, for whatever reason, he kept coming, and she shot a warning shot into the wall and he kept coming so she had to shoot him twice,” said Orist.

Without a gun, that man would have broken into her house and done God knows what to her. People who want to rob women of the ability to defend themselves should know that they’re conducting the real war on women.

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