VIDEO: A National Anthem So Powerful, It Brought an NFL Player to Tears

VIDEO: A National Anthem So Powerful, It Brought an NFL Player to Tears

We’ve all seen the groanworthy renditions of the National Anthem by celebrities with no respect for the song’s meaning, who are only out to show off their “impressive” vocal chops. It turns out that a simple instrumental rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is a lot of moving and powerful than the much more common vocal gymnastics.

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The national anthem is often played at sporting events or other large gatherings where it’s easy for the mind to wander. But when was the last time you actually paused to listen to the beautiful rendition which tells of this country’s greatness and honors those who have died to help save it?

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne appeared to do just that as the anthem was played before his team squared off against the New York Giants Monday night. Grammy Award-winning artist and trumpeter Chris Botti performed a moving rendition of the anthem — without singing a single word.

Thousands inside MetLife Stadium were left without words, too, during the instrumental. Wayne was among those speechless, although visibly tearful.

The actual words and meaning of the Star Spangled Banner are powerful enough on their own without the pop star du jour trying to steal the spotlight. Botti’s performance showed that in spades, and hopefully, will signal the beginning of the end of the overblown celebrity renditions of the National Anthem.

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