Colin Powell LEAKED Email Rains Fire on Hillary Clinton: ‘Hillary Screws Up Everything She Touches’

Colin Powell LEAKED Email Rains Fire on Hillary Clinton: ‘Hillary Screws Up Everything She Touches’


Thousands of e-mails have been released by DC Leaks, but so far, the juiciest have come from Colin Powell. The former Secretary of State has had e-mails released about Hillary Clinton that have been downright thrilling. From slamming Bill Clinton for his inability to stop “d***ing bimbos” to calling Hillary out on her arrogance, Powell evidently didn’t hold anything back… ever. And another leaked e-mail is more of the same.

This e-mail was sent to private equity tycoon Jeffrey Leeds in August of 2015. It was shortly after Hillary’s private e-mail server had been seized by the FBI. Leeds had remarked in an e-mail to Powell that the e-mail scandal was getting worse every day and that Hillary could be in serious trouble.


Powell responded and he didn’t pull any punches. “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris,” he responded. He gave an example of how Hillary had ruined a speaking appearance of his at a university by charging so much money for her speaking fee, that they couldn’t afford to pay him. “She so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn’t [pay] any fees for a while,” he said. “I should send her a bill.”

Clinton’s speaking fees have indeed been astronomical, including at universities. In April of 2014, she charged the University of Connecticut $251,250 to speak there; the month before, she charged the University of California at Los Angeles $300,000. In October of 2013, she spoke at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and collected a cool $225,000. So Powell certainly wasn’t lying about her exorbitant speaking fees.

The question is, why on earth would anyone pay Hillary Clinton that much money just to speak for 20 minutes? It’s mind-boggling, yet she doesn’t have any shortage of people and organizations all over the world eager to hand her hundreds of thousands of dollars for the honor of hearing her talk about herself. Oh, wait! That’s right — she was orchestrating a pay-for-play scheme. And of course, it was all on your dime.

It turns out, Bill used an old government program to subsidize the Clinton Foundation… and also, to support Hillary’s private e-mail server. He used taxpayer money to buy IT equipment and servers, as well as for the pay and benefit of foundation aides. And, surprise! Those same aides are involved in the e-mail scandal, as well as the pay-for-play allegations.

So not only were the Clintons engaging in corrupt activity, they were using taxpayer money to do it.

Colin Powell had a lot of guts, calling her out the way he did. What other juicy gossip is hidden in his e-mails?

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