Soldier Gets Brutal Revenge On Wife After She Slept With Dozens Of Men

Soldier Gets Brutal Revenge On Wife After She Slept With Dozens Of Men

Revenge stories are grand, especially when the person who is being humiliated genuinely deserves it. Personally, cheating on your spouse with MULTIPLE MEN while they are in the military is one of those situations where you genuinely deserve whatever you get.

One soldier took to Reddit to share his epic story of revenge with the good people of the interwebz.

He began his post by explaining that the two got married quickly to force the Army to accommodate her health problems. The kicker? Tricare payed for her medical costs. Ouch.

Then she started doing weird things, like leaving the house to go to Walmarts in different towns to purchase items that she claimed their local store didn’t have in stock. Before he could investigate her behavior, he was ordered to go to Korea. While he was there, his wife’s brother, mom, aunt and uncle began telling him exactly what was going on.

“So, basically, this woman is using me as a paycheck and meal ticket, and screwing everything with a pulse that happens to be male. The icing on the cake is that 2 weeks after I get the good news, she calls me and confesses to cheating on me….once. The only reason she confessed? She was pregnant, there was no way I could be the father, given that I was in a different state at the time….and the father was African American.”

But it only got better from there. The new guy that was living at his house (not the baby’s father, though) was driving the soldier’s car. So, he got help from his wife’s mother and brother to help him get it back.

They pulled up behind him in a parking lot, got out and talked to him normally, at which time I waked up from the other side of the parking lot. Her uncle asked to see the keys, and upon receiving them, began taking the car key off of the ring, and waved me forward.

I walked up, took the car key from him, looked at the guy, and said “Hi, my name is Frizzmaster, and this is my car. I’m taking it now.” I waved him over to the sidewalk, removed everything from the car that didn’t have my name on it, left the items with him, then got in my car and drove off.

After that, her boyfriend left her. Apparently he had been living in the house, wearing the soldier’s clothes, eating his food and having sex with his wife. Could anything be more insulting? Oh, well… I guess paying his child support with the money her husband sent her would qualify.

He took her to court where it was made undeniably clear that his wife was an adulteress and he was granted complete ownership of the home and the vehicles. She got absolutely nothing except the opportunity to be embarrassed on the world wide web.


H/T: America Now

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