BREAKING: Bombshell Verdict Announced in Freddie Gray Case

When the Freddie Gray case first went to trial, I knew that none of the officers would face charges. It’s nice to be vindicated and the officers get to go home to their families and friends.


From CNN:

Baltimore prosecutors are dropping charges against the three remaining officers facing trial in connection with Freddie Gray’s death.

Gray, 25, died after sustaining a neck injury while in police custody in April 2015. Three of the six officers charged in the case had already been acquitted.

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Gray’s death became a symbol of the black community’s mistrust of police and triggered days of protests and riots in Baltimore. The city became a focal point of the Black Lives Matter movement and the nationwide debate on excessive police force.

The decision to drop the charges and dismiss the case against the officers drew praise from the police union representing them.

“Justice has been done,” said Gene Ryan, president of the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police.

But the city’s top prosecutor said choosing not to proceed with the remaining trials was “agonizing.”

Shouting into a microphone as she read from prepared remarks, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby slammed the way police handled their investigation into the case.

While the rest of us are celebrating, these officers also know that their reputations have been permanently tarnished by Marilyn Mosby and her biased agenda.

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