ALERT: Antifa Unveils Next Move – “Deface Columbus Day” [VIDEO]

ALERT: Antifa Unveils Next Move – “Deface Columbus Day” [VIDEO]

Oh Antifa, what a hoot. They think they are doing something good for the country by destroying national monuments and such. Doesn’t Antifa stand for Anti-Fascist? If there is anything I’ve learned, it is that most government organizations and leftists organizations (but I repeat myself) use names that are the exact opposite of their intended purpose. Affordable Care Act? Tax on breathing, no one can afford healthcare. Internal Revenue Service? Jackbooted thugs come collect their extortion money. Antifa? Shows up to free speech rallies and conservative speakers on college campuses and smashes windows and riots. What are they up to today? Besides teaching your children?

A New York City based Antifa movement named Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement has called its goons to action to “Deface Columbus Day.” They even put out a snazzy promotional video.

I have spent about 90 seconds on their Twitter page. It’s appalling. One of their favorite hashtags is #burndowntheamericanplantation. These people have no idea. The new American plantation is the urban city controlled by Democrats. They give you just enough government subsidies to survive, but too much to actually want to get a job. Then they come around every four years and tell you to vote for them. If that doesn’t work, then they just steal elections and whatnot, but I digress.

What exactly is this group trying to accomplish by “defacing” Columbus Day? Look, there are arguments that maybe he didn’t exactly discover America, or that he was a prick, or that he was so egotistical that he started calling everyone Indians because he thought he had landed in India. But that doesn’t mean we should go about tearing down his statue and putting poorly drawn graffiti mustaches on poor Chris.

I for one, am grateful that my ancestors came to America. I would be British if that didn’t happen. I can’t even fathom liking soccer or cricket or the queen or eating tomatoes for breakfast or speaking in a funny accent or having socialized healthcare that says when your children can die.

I wonder if anyone in the media or any leftist politicians will even care that this is happening. You know what, I bet there is some kind of memo going around Chuck Schumer’s office and Bernie Sanders’ office for their teams to gear up for a presser. I mean, they are always on top of things like this.

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