After Marching Illegally Across Border To Canada, Refugees Complaining About Lack Of Benefits

After Marching Illegally Across Border To Canada, Refugees Complaining About Lack Of Benefits

Remember all the refugees that ran for the Canadian border after President Trump was elected? Evidently it’s not the freebie paradise they envisioned. Thousands have streamed over the border claiming asylum. They were then bused to sanctuary city Montreal where they thought Nirvana awaited them. Not so much. When they first crossed into Quebec, they were issued a tent. Then they were taken to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium or some other temporary accommodation.

The whining began immediately. They didn’t like being moved around… that was the first gripe. Living quarters are hard to come by in the city. One man had his wife and four children with him and they have been moved three times to temporary shelters. I’m sorry… I’m fresh out of sympathy. Refugees can’t be choosy at this point. These people weren’t fleeing oppression or death… they were fleeing because of US law and the new enforcement of it under President Trump.

From The Daily Caller:

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After being bussed into sanctuary city Montreal after illegally crossing the Canada-U.S. border, illegal refugees are now complaining about lack of housing there.

The illegals are provided with a tent upon entering Quebec from New York state and are then sent to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium or another temporary refuge, like a hotel or even a former convent.

But the illegal migrants say they don’t like being moved around so much and are looking for accommodation in Canada’s second-largest city. Ahmed Iftikhar told The Canadian Press that he has been in three temporary shelters since he and his wife and four children marched illegally across the border.

Not only are the asylum-seekers provided access to all municipal services in Montreal but they begin picking up their social assistance check within days of arriving in Canada — and are expected to spend some of it on room and board.

They still get freebies galore there with social assistance checks that flow to them within days of their arrival. They are expected to spend some of it on room and board, but that is not acceptable to these refugees, most of whom come from Haiti. The reason they are fleeing the US, is the timetable allowing refugees from Haiti to be in the US without becoming a citizen is expiring. None of them bothered to seek real citizenship and thus, were about to be deported. That caused a mad dash to Canada.

These people when given apartments or homes, claim they aren’t big enough for their families. Again, you don’t whinge about that. You take what you can get, get a job, apply for citizenship and work your butt off to get a bigger place. The refugees also want cell phones and lawyers. Give me a freaking break. Part of me is thrilled they left the US. Another part feels sad for Canada who took them in. Almost 2,000 refugees arrived in Canada in the first week of August alone… they heard that the Canadians have an open-door policy for immigration. That didn’t use to be true. This is what happens when you elect socialists.

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