British columnist: Ladies, want to know why men cheat? Just have a look in the mirror

British columnist: Ladies, want to know why men cheat? Just have a look in the mirror

'I always try my best, cos that’s what’s you’re supposed to do' … Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones.Do you think women have any responsibility when men cheat?

Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones is probably going to make a few women mad when they read her latest column explaining why she thinks men cheat, something she wrote in response to the recent Ashley Madison hack. Basically, it comes down to women are nags and so men do it out of revenge.

She writes at The Daily Mail,

We are just awful! We are only appreciative of and loving towards men when forced: due to financial dependency, children who need supporting, functions that need attending.

Behind the scenes, though, men know we are sniping at their shortcomings.

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I only know one woman who has a good word to say about her partner, and even she told me over dinner that her husband, when instructed to book a mini break, got the dates mixed up – so when they arrived at the hotel it was fully booked and they had to decamp to a B&B.

I don’t know one woman who isn’t in charge. There is even one of us in the new Jonathan Franzen novel: a feminist who insists that her husband urinates sitting down.

All of which doesn’t make for great sex, which is why women escape to books like Fifty Shades Of Grey, and men cheat.

Women don’t cheat as much – although married women certainly subscribe to that website – mainly because we are too busy bossing everyone else around, doing big supermarket shops, and making cakes, thinking baking renders us warm and fluffy, then endlessly demanding praise and thanks.

What makes Jones’s analysis even more jarring is the fact her own husband cheated on her — yet instead of moping around and blaming men, she points a finger at women. She has a lot of guts writing this article, considering there could be as many as 20 million women over the next few days, weeks and months who discover their husbands had an account on Ashley Madison. What do you think, does she have a point, is there a grain of truth here? Or are men solely to blame when they cheat?

Rachel Alexander

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