Mommy Monsters: 10 of the most abusive mothers and their horrific crimes against children

These stories will make you cry because they made me cry each time I reported on one. What kind of mother can withstand a shrieking infant or a crying 8-yr-old pleading for ‘mommy’ to stop crushing their bones? Today we will explore some of the worst monster Mommy’s crimes in a countdown. They are graded by the mothers threshold to repetitively withstand the pleas for help from their own offspring.

narjes Modarresi killed infant

#10 Teen mom Alexis Botello (17-yrs-old), allowed her 19-month baby, Tylea, to endure abuse from her 20-yr-old boyfriend that finally ended in death as he ‘stomped on toddler repeatedly until she vomited green stuff’. The baby was covered in bruises and bite marks from ongoing abuse. Botello claimed Beard had repeatedly struck the child, and threw her on the bed with such force that she bounced on to the ground. The teen mom ‘bought gloves and a shovel to bury her baby’ and hide the fact that she had been allowing her boyfriend to abuse her infant. Her ability to witness these atrocities and keep quiet earned her a place as a Monster Mommy.

#9 Lorinda Bailey allowed her 4 children ages 2 thru 6 to live in an apartment filled with cat feces and flies and the children could communicate only in grunts, were malnourished and weren’t toilet trained. The officers said they found rotten food, trash and insects in the apartment. Lorinda said she was living in another apartment in the same building but saw the boys most days. Only a Monster Mommy would allow her children to live in such disgusting circumstances and remain in such tremendous ignorance.

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#8 Jena Harman lived with her truckdriver boyfriend who admits he didn’t like her 7-yr-old child. They built a cage out of cattle paneling, wooden snow fence with plywood covering half of the opening and a: metal chain and ‘dog-leash-style latch’. They: locked the child in the ‘playpen’: even during rainstorms with: a cot and five-gallon bucket for weeks at a time. Jena randomly brought her child food while in the cage and to add to the ongoing abuse it was reported that she kicked her child and: sprayed the 7-yr-old with a hose. Not only did she allow her boyfriend to be abusive but she willingly participated in the abuse as her boyfriend was often on the road.

#7 Ashley Nicole Williams had her first baby on June 1, 2010, she was about 15 years old. She got married at 17 and had her second child. Staff at Mercy Hospital of Lebanon contacted cops on Mar. 7 after seeing signs of child abuse on the 2-month-old baby during a routine check-up. Her husband also claimed he saw her touching their baby “in a sexual way” on several occasions as she changed her diaper. Williams reportedly admitted to abusing her infant over a 5-day period because she was “curious” to know what being a molester would feel like.

#6 35-year-old Jessica Jensen did not want her middle child according to her mother. She had at times locked her son in a bedroom on the second floor of her home where both windows in the bedroom were covered in black plastic and boarded up with plywood. The room was filled with trash, room smelled of feces and urine and food was splattered across the walls. He died at 13-yrs-old weighing just 21 pounds from chronic starvation due to untreated juvenile appetite disorder, ruled as a homicide. Did he beg mom for food? Did he cry from the pain of hunger? Only a Monster Mom could watch their child become emaciated enough to match the weight of a toddler.

#5 34-yr-old Mary Martin Peele was a seriously troubled mother of her 16-week-old baby. Authorities picked her up after they found her baby with 12 broken ribs, 2 broken scapula and deep bite wounds in shoulders. Only a Monster Mommy could resist the painful cries that came out of her baby’s mouth as she was ripping flesh from his shoulder with her teeth. The steps a woman like this took to become comfortable with baby shrieks cause a normal Mom like me to shudder at the mere thought.

#4 39-year-old Mother performed lewd sex acts with her very own 12-yr-old son as instructed by partner. Prosecutor, Mark Hollier said: ‘In a very ordinary voice, he [the abused) described an incident to the police officers about how his mother had given him a sex lesson in the main bedroom of the family home and this was observed by [the partner] via a webcam and computer link.’Judge Michael Longman told the mother: “Your behavior towards your son was contrary to human instincts and basic decency”. Of course a Monster Mommy denies their inner instincts and can easily destroy the world of their child and their child’s trust in humanity.

#3 Megan Huntsman was accused of killing six babies that she gave birth to over 10 years. She told investigators that she either strangled or suffocated the children immediately after they were born and then put them inside boxes in her garage. Not only is Megan a serial killer, but a serial killer of her own newborn babies.

#2 Sierra Clark was so enthralled with her husband that she allowed him to explore his interest in child pornography. She was such a pleaser for her husband that she offered up her 2 and 4-yr-old girls to feed his voracious sexual appetite for children. Not only did she hand them over but she held each of them down as he acted out his fantasies on each little girl. Mothers were created to protect their offspring but a Mommy Monster will violate everything that is sacred between a mother and child.

#1 Narjes Modarresi was 32-yrs-old when she had her second child. ‘He was a child she never wanted or never loved’. She woke up one day in April making a plan to get rid of him. Many Monster Mommies kill their babies accidentally as result from their abuse. Narjes cut to the chase and allowed her 2-month-old to suffocate for an undetermined period of time after she buried him face down in mud… ALIVE! Did Narjes stand there at the grave watching her infant squirm and struggle and fight for his very last breath? Only Mommy Narjes knows the answer to that one.

If for any reason you suspect strange behavior from a mother you know, do not be afraid to snoop around and find out what is really going on. Who knows, you might have a Monster Mommy in your midst and only you can save this child from death. Make sure to contact proper authorities if you are concerned about a child.

UPDATE: I had a really hard time sleeping last night because although I write about a couple of these stories every week, compiling them left me feeling heartbroken for children as I lay in bed all night trying to imagine the cries of these children. This morning my mom posted a video of a mom violently beating her baby and I cried and screamed with the baby for 45 minutes, I am still sobbing while writing this update. Again I deplore you, if you feel like you may harm your child, please take them to your local fire department or church. If they turn you down, I will take every child you give me. Children are the most precious thing on this earth… how we treat them now is how they will treat us, our nation and our world. We must carefully foster them and fashion them into the adults we want holding our future.

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