The Slavery Of Today

While the left and the media make a big deal out of a whole lot of nothing with Gov. McDonnell of Virginia and this Confederacy History month issue, maybe we should stop trying to score political points about the past, and focus on the present. Slavery is a stain on our nation’s past. We all believe that, so this energy being wasted on this could be used to fight modern day slavery.

Modern-day slaves can be found in Sudan, India, Pakistan, and Haiti. According to Anti-Slavery International, the world’s oldest human rights organization, there are currently over 20 million people in bondage.

Many children from Benin and Togo in Africa are sold into domestic, agricultural, and sex industries. UNICEF estimates that 200,000 children from this region are sold into slavery each year.

CSI (Christian Solidarity International) is calling on Pres. Obama to revive anti slavery policy in Sudan.

CSI facilitated the liberation last week of 254 black Souther Sudanese slaves. Most were captured by Arab/Muslim militiamen backed by the Sudanese government during the North-South civil war (1983-2005). Some of the youngest victims were the offspring of female slaves and their masters.

Read the link for more information.

Both Pres. Clinton and Pres. Bush pledged to work for the end of Sudanese slavery. But it seems to have been forgotten. CSI is calling on Pres. Obama “to implement the recommendations of the Eminent Persons Group and to restore the eradication of slavery as a central component of the United States’ policy for peace in Sudan.”

As I was watching and reading yesterday about Gov. McDonnell, and seeing how the media and the Democrats use issues like the history of slavery to smear opponents and score political points, it occurred to me that while they play games with non issues, slavery is real in the here and now in our world. Wouldn’t our time be better spent addressing and seeking to end the slavery of people TODAY, than to try and smear a good man who of course sees our slavery past as abhorrent?

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